Shared Housing in Southeast Florida

by Jeanne Caldwell 06/07/2020

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The term shared housing refers to two or more unrelated people living in a single home. In recent years, it's becoming more common in Southeast Florida to see strangers pair up and split everything from rent to utility bills. But there's more to shared housing than just lower expenses. We'll look at how this new trend affects everything from quality of life to the larger market. 

Coming Together 

People typically search for shared housing when a major event occurs in their life. Perhaps they've recently lost their job, gone through a divorce or were notified of a rent increase. Or maybe they're just getting started in their career and need a way to afford the primarily luxury units that litter the larger cities. Shared housing may not be people's first choice, but if they want to remain in the same area, it may be their only choice. There are plenty of websites that help people in Southeast Florida meet and make the arrangements. Some are meant specifically for certain age groups, while others are open to all. 

Plans & Preparations

There's no doubt that shared housing has the potential to go awry. It takes a while for roommates to adjust to one another, and the breaking-in period can be a bit of a learning curve. But that's not necessarily what this area has experienced based on the stories that have emerged from shared housing. Success in shared housing means clarifying expectations before moving in, so there are fewer surprises down the line. Roommates are taking the time to make sure they agree before signing any contracts. 

New Opportunities 

It seems clear that shared housing is more than shared costs. From companionship to chores to pet-sitting help, total strangers are coming together to help one another in all areas of their lives. Younger professionals and older women appear to get the most out of shared housing, though there's no reason why the market shouldn't continue to expand. Not only are residents more likely to comfortably afford to live in the area (whether renting or owning), it can also increase the sense of permanency in neighborhoods across the state. 

Shared housing can be the key to maintaining or even increasing property values in Southeast Florida. Regardless of the twists and turns in life, residents have the means to find affordable housing within their neighborhood. Owners living alone may even find companionship or support in housemates, a priceless benefit that can have ripple effects for the entire community. 

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